Attendance fees | 13 - 14 September 2022, Kursaal, Bern


*The members of Swiss Public Health, SSPH+ Fellows and FOEN or FOPH NCD Stakeholders

  • If the conference cannot be held on site due to Covid-19, it will be held online. In this case, participants will be informed in due course and the conference fees will be adjusted.
  • Covid measures, if any, apply to on-site participation.
  • Registration is closed.


The Swiss Public Health Conference is acquired by Swiss Public Health Doctors (SPHD) for 6 credits for the first day and 6 credits for the second day.

Amendment and cancellation 

If the conference can only be held online due to Covid-19, the difference will be refunded.

Registration is compulsory and payment is made by invoice.

Cancellation of registration must be made in writing. Double bookings or bookings, that are cancelled within 24h after the intial booking are free of charge. Cancellation of the registration till June 30th 2022, 50% of the conference fees will be refunded. After this date or in case of no-show, the invoice is due for payment and no refund is possible.
Adjustments and changes of address of already sent invoices as well as invoice splits will be charged with an additional administration fee of Fr. 50.- per order.

Bank charges for returned direct debits by bank shall generally be borne by the credit recipient