SSPH+ ScienceFlashTalk

SSPH+ ScienceFlashTalk

A public health science competition of innovative digital natives

The SSPH+ ScienceFlashTalk is the highlight of a new training for young scientists to
•    foster interdisciplinary communication skills
•    link science and society
•    attract and entertain a broad audience with concise science told in a story
As audience, you will
•    be part of the jury and vote for the presentation you like best
•    discover on what the future generation in public health sciences is researching
•    experience how research can be conveyed in an attractive way in only 3 minutes
The aim of the SSPH+ ScienceFlashTalk is to
•    demonstrate how science can be presented in an attractive way
•    inform on research of young public health scientists in Switzerland
•    experience sciencetainment

Chair: Antoine Flahault
Deputy Director of SSPH+ and Director of the Institute of Global Health of the University of Geneva



Temitope Adebayo

Swiss TPH

Title: Air pollution as a public health problem in South Africa

Chantal Arditi

Unisanté Lausanne

Title: What do cancer patients think of their care?


Masa Davidovic

ISPM Bern/ Swiss TPH

Title: Cervical cancer prevention and care cascade in women living with HIV in sub-saharan Africa


Katrina Obas

Swiss TPH

Title: Preventing heart disease by treating depression: How depression affects blood pressure in the long term