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Swiss Public Health Conference 2022

7th Stakeholder conference on the National Strategy on the Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD strategy)

13 - 14 September 2022, Kursaal, Bern

Eine gesunde Umwelt für gesunde Menschen
A healthy environment for healthy people
Un environnement sain pour des gens en bonne santé


When nature is whole, it creates the best conditions for a healthy human life. Environmental stressors are among the world’s most critical factors influencing health and life expectancy. Air pollution alone is responsible for around 2,300 premature deaths in Switzerland each year. On the flip side, activities that are not detrimental to the environment can also contribute to healthy lifestyles. Cycling and walking are linked to preventing more than 12,000 cases of cardiovascular disease, nearly 4,000 cases of depression, circa 1,900 cases of cancer and around 1,300 cases of dementia every year in Switzerland.

An undamaged and appealing habitat promotes health and well-being. Open and well-connected environments support people in moving more. In turn, regular physical activity reduces the risk of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), reduces stress, keeps depression at bay, improves sleep and boosts the immune system.

Together, the Swiss Public Health Conference 2022 and the Stakeholder Conference on the national prevention strategy for NCD explore these correlations: Researchers and experts from the field will show how environmental factors influence our physical and mental well-being and in what complex ways they interact with human health. We also turn to the politicians: in its Health2030 Strategy, the Federal Council wants to promote health through the environment, and the WHO has tightened its guidelines on air quality. But how far along is implementation –

where do we stand? How can we create healthy and attractive living spaces for all, and what role does climate change play?

Let's discuss this with experts at the Swiss Public Health Conference 2022 and the National Stakeholder Conference NCD to shape a better future together!