SSPH+ ScienceFlashTalk

SSPH+ ScienceFlashTalk

A public health science competition of innovative digital natives

The SSPH+ ScienceFlashTalk is the highlight of a new training for young scientists to
•    foster interdisciplinary communication skills
•    link science and society
•    attract and entertain a broad audience with concise science told in a story
As audience, you will
•    be part of the jury and vote for the presentation you like best
•    discover on what the future generation in public health sciences is researching
•    experience how research can be conveyed in an attractive way in only 3 minutes
The aim of the SSPH+ ScienceFlashTalk is to
•    demonstrate how science can be presented in an attractive way
•    inform on research of young public health scientists in Switzerland
•    experience sciencetainment


Chair: Luca Crivelli, Director of the Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) and Deputy Director Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+)


Foto Alkhaldi

Mohammed Alkhaldi

University of Basel

Title: Health research system in fragile setting, Palestine case
Foto Counotte

Michel Counotte

University of Bern

Title: Sex in the time of Zika

Foto Francetic

Igor Francetic

University of Basel

Title: How incentives and supervision shape healthcare provision: a Tanzanian study
Foto Hanimann

Anina Hanimann

University of Lucerne

Title: What policy actors believe in – How do voters and members of parliament judge the credibility of expert statements?
Foto Issom

David-Zaccharie Issom

University of Geneva

Title: A framework to reuse individualized health information to support patient decisions
Foto vandenBerg

Machteld van den Berg

University of Zurich

Title: Addressing human realities in large scale clinical trials